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Changing the way you road trip

Selecting your music

RoundAbout is different than most maps. One of our key features is handsfree entertainment for your entire trip. When you first create an account, or if you're looking to change things up, you'll be directed to the music Selection page, and then the podcast page.

  • First you'll see the music selction page. Here you're able to select all the musical genres that you'd like to listen to
  • Next you'll see the podcast page. Here, like with the musical genres, you'll select podcasts with topics that interest you- or opt out of hearing podcasts.
  • After you've selected your musical and podcast interests RoundAbout will use an algorithm to create a custom playlist just for you!
  • Whenever you're on a road trip, or just in the car using RoundAbout, a playlist will be generated to match the length of your time in the car

By selecting your preferences beforehand RoundAbout will help keep you and your passengers entertained for the entirety of your adventure- no matter how short or long. The best part is- it's entirely hands free, keeping you safe and leaving you to focus on driving.

The Search Screen

After all your musical preferences are selected you'll be directed to the search screen. The search screen acts as the homepage for RoundAbout and will be the first thing you see when you open it after your accout setup is complete.

  • Searching in RoundAbout is similar to other GPS routing apps, and is very intuitive.
  • By default RoundAbout will use your current location as the starting location. If you're looking to plan out a trip you're able to change this to any location you want.
  • You'll then enter in the destination you'd like RoundABout to route you to.
  • RoundAbout uses the most up-to-date mapping data available to account for any construction or neccessary detours.
  • RoundAbout also uses sattilite and user-reported traffic data to get the most accurate picture of traffic which helps you get to your destination faster and easier.

Displaying your route

Once you search for your destination RoundAbout will show you an overview of your route

  • RoundAbout shows you your route in a variety of ways
  • You're shown an overview of your route on the map as well as the distance and travel time below.
  • If you click the arrow next to the distance your trip will begin and you'll recieve turn by turn directions and your music will start playing.

RoundAbout is commited to the saftey of all it's users and their passengers. If the driver wishes to make any changes to the music, or change any of the route settings they're able to do so by simply saying "Hey RoundAbout" while the app is open to activate hands free control. Users are also able to say things like "I'm low on gas", and RoundAbout will help them out.

What makes RoundAbout different?

There are a few features of RoundAbout that really stand out and help make us the ultimate road trip companion.

When you say "Hey RoundAbout I need gas", or "RoundAbout I'd like to stop" to the app, or selects the gas station icon while in route, RoundAbout will assist you.

  • An algorithm will search for all the gas stations that are on your route.
  • Each gas station will have user reports on gas prices and how clean the bathrooms are in the station.
  • Advanced users who imput their car type will be able to see an estimate on how much gas money they'll need for their trip, and how many times they'll need to fill up on longer road trips.

Since everyone will have an account on RoundAbout everyone will be able to submit gas prices and bathroom reviews. Users will be ranked based on how much they contribute, and top rated users will recieve advantages like free advanced memberships and exclusive gas cupons where available.


Check our Subscription Prices:


$0 / month

  • Unlimited Searches
  • Access to gas prices
  • Access to station reviews
  • Ad Free Listening
  • Gas Milage Tracker and Cost Estimator


$4.99 / month

  • Unlimited Searches
  • Access to gas prices
  • Access to station reviews
  • Ad Free Listening
  • Gas Milage Tracker and Cost Estimator


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does RoundAbout know up-to-date gas prices?

    RoundAbout relies on it's users to report up-to-date gas prices. In exchange users will rank higher opening them up to the potential of winning advanced and premium memberships for free.

  • If you navigate to the settings page, you're then able to access the music selection and podcast selection pages. You can also say "Hey RoundAbout, take me to my settings" while the app is open and RoundAbout will take you there.

  • RoundAbout only collects the data you submit, as well as anonymous traffic data. RoundAbout is committed to maintaining your privacy as well as your trust.

The road trip- reimagined

RoundAbout is the all-in-one travel buddy for your next road trip adventure. We've revolutionized the road trip experience to get you to your destination in the best way possible.

Demo Video

Check out the demo video to get a better understanding of everything RoundAbout has to offer